Beautify Images with Frames for Photoshop

Most people would want to beautify their pictures, especially for special occasions. Some simply want to make the most out of their photographed memories. One of the most popular and perhaps one of the easiest ways of doing these is to use frames for Photoshop.

Beautify Images with Frames
Beautify Images with Frames

What is Photoshop?

Before knowing how to add these frames for Photoshop, just what is Photoshop? This is a graphic editing product of Adobe designed to create dramatic images and turn ordinary pictures into breath-taking works of art. Photoshop offers various tools to enhance and create extraordinary graphics. Though this is generally easy to use and newbie-friendly, it would take great skills in order for you to make even stunning images.

One of the most notable features of Photoshop is its layers. Layers enable you to make changes on your picture without affecting the original image by creating a separate layer where you want to make changes apart from the layer where the original image is located.

Frames for Photoshop
The easiest way to enhance the looks of your pictures is to add frames. There are various pre-made frames which can be used for Photoshop available for download in the internet. In order for you to add frames to your picture, you need to open the picture you want to have a frame. Once opened, the picture should be at the background layer. Next is to create a new layer on top of your background layer. This new layer is where you will import your frame which has been downloaded from the internet. The change in this method is rather minimal making it very easy to use.

Choosing the Right Frame for You
One thing you need to consider though in choosing layers, aside from choosing the frame with the most appropriate design, is file type of the frame. Images in the internet come in various file types such as .JPG, .GIF, and others. You would want to choose frames in .PNG file type. The reason behind is that .PNG files do have parts that are transparent. These transparent parts of the frames will spot where your picture will appear. Selecting otherwise will not show your original image, only the frame.

However, there are some instances wherein you find a frame that is most suitable for your picture, but it is opaque and there are no spaces where your picture will appear. In such scenarios, you can still use the frame but you will have to do a bit of editing on the frame. Usually, the space where your picture should appear in the frame usually comes with a single color, commonly white. What you could do is use a certain feature in Photoshop called “Magic Wand.” Magic Wand selects an area based on the color and tone you have been selected, in this case, the white colour. Once the whole area has been selected, you can remove the white area by pressing the “delete” button. This should cause the area to be transparent. If the original image is already placed below the layer, it should appear where it should be in the frame.